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Backpacker Hostel in Himalayas

Silverkloud is an initiative to make people aware of the conscious travel in the himalayas.!

The inception of SilverKloud can be traced to the young years seeking a home far from home. An impulse to explore places, live a rural and urban life, meet new people, learn new cultures, embrace diversity, create new horizons and unearth a life in lands, known and unknown.

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Wandering for life, we have been to the snowy mountains and the high altitude cold deserts.!

The more you wander, The more you seek.!!

Do you crave for those mighty himalayas, and always look for an opportunity to getaway in the nature.?
If yes, we would love to share few of our favorites treks in the mountains across the Himalayan Ranges to the Karakoram Mountain Ranges.
We believe in conscious hiking i.e. taking care of mother earth by not overcrowding the group, taking care of the waste during trek and also organize cleanliness hikes in the mountains.

Roopkund – Meet the Mystic

Nama-Stay Himalayas

Nama-stay – A Backpackers homestay in the lap of Nature.!

NAMA-STAY is an ideal home for backpackers, travelers with musical, artistic, literary or spiritual pursuits, star-gazers, flora and fauna enthusiasts, nature lovers and souls seeking communion with self and existence. We promote travelling on a budget thus; NAMA-Stay is an idyllic home for travelers seeking a blissful place with inspiration for an extended period.

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Aloha! Volunteers This is a treasure trove of imagination, art, music and meditation. A little bohemian home stay that lightens up your soul located in the picturesque Himalayan hamlet named Kanatal; abundant with pine and deodar forests. We are at a distance of about 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Rishikesh.

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We take care of all your Travel worries, assist in your Travel Plans and accompany you with a skilled and well spoken Guide.!


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